Do You get caught in activities which don't align with Your purpose?

96 energy blocks per day

If you arrange your day in 15 minute blocks you can introduce insanely laser-like focus to your activities. Give your sleep 32 blocks (the equivalent of 8 hours) and 32 more blocks to family stuff, that will leave you with another 32 blocks to pursue your dreams.

How will you decide to use them and how will you make a habit to stick to your choice?

Get the app

The app is currently in development and only available for iOS. I am looking for testers to get some feedback on the app. If you are interested, shoot me your apple id and I will invite you to the tester group.

Completely free for you, no follow-up emails or newsletters, I am just looking for feedback - and if the app adds some value to Your life I will be the happiest person on earth.